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Adding Braids to Crocheted Hats - Tutorial

Hey everyone! I was adding some braids to my Bolts & Ridges Helmet hat today, and I realized that I should write a tutorial! Adding braids is super easy and can make your hats look extra cute and professional. Use them for earflap ties, or make them to look like hair!

My daughter, too busy to take a picture.
You'll need:
-A finished hat
-Yarn (Any kind you like, but I think worsted weight works best)
-A hook (size isn't important)

First, decide how thick you want your braids to be. Cut 30"-36" (or longer) strands of yarn in multiples of 3s.
For thick, hair-like braids, I recommend cutting 12 strands per braid.
For thinner braids (better for ties on earflaps) I recommend 6-9 strands.
Whatever number of strands you choose will be doubled when you fold them in half. Keep in mind that the more strands you use, your braids might be a bit harder to work with.
After you've cut your strands, hold them together and fold them in half evenly.

Next, find the st…