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Throwback Camera Pouch - Free Pattern

In honor of throwback Thursday, here's a new pattern: the Throwback Camera Pouch! I wanted something cute to keep my camera in, but this pouch would make a perfect coin purse too!

A downloadable PDF version of this pattern is available here: Ravelry Link. Don't forget to add it to your favorites and projects! Enjoy!

Throwback Camera Pouch

- G (4.25mm) hook
- Medium (4) yarn
-Less than half a skein of cream, brown, and black.
-Very little of red, yellow, green, and blue for cross stitching.
- Scissors
- Tapestry needle
- Zipper or other closing hardware
- Keyring
- Chain 1 does not count as a stitch.
- Join each round with a sl st to the first stitch of the round.
- Stitch counts are indicated in (parenthses).
- Gauge is 1” = 4 single crochet. Measurements are given for height so row height gauge is not important. Finished bag is approximately 4.5” x 4.5” not including keyring loop.
Stitches and Abbreviations
Ch – Chain
St – Stitch
Sl st – Slip stitch
Sc – …

Springtime Broomstick Lace Scarf - Free Pattern

Good morning! This week I've been working a lot with broomstick lace. It's such a pretty technique, and I don't think it's used enough! So I've designed two scarf patterns for you using broomstick lace. The first is my Springtime Broomstick Lace Scarf. It's perfect for this time of year, when it's getting warmer but there are still a few chilly days. Put it over a light sweater, or a cute sun dress!

There is a downloadable version of this scarf available for purchase here: Ravelry Link. Remember to favorite this pattern and add your projects! While you're there, why not check out some of my other patterns too?

Springtime Broomstick Lace Scarf

- 1 skein medium (4) yarn. (Pictured is Hobby Lobby’s I Love This Yarn in "Soft Blue" and "Rosy Cheeks")
- I Hook (5.5mm)
- Large knitting needle or other “broomstick” tool (mine is 16mm, but I will provide dimensions for gauge)
- Scissors
- Tapestry needle
- This pattern is fairl…

Broomstick Lace - Photo Tutorial

I have to admit, I put off trying broomstick lace for a long time because it looked so intricate that I assumed it would be frustrating! Now, I'm so glad I gave it a shot, because it's super easy and looks so pretty and detailed when it's finished. So, I'm going to show you how to do broomstick lace and give you some tips for customizing your own broomstick lace project! In my next post I'll have a free pattern for a circle scarf using the Broomstick Lace stitch.

Let's get started!
-Yarn. The great thing about this is, you can use whatever kind of yarn you like. Use something easy and comfortable for you. For this tutorial, I'm using Hobby Lobby's I Love This Yarn (Swatch is done in "Orchid" colorway).
-Hook. Again, you can use whatever hook you like. It's best to choose a hook that compliments your yarn. For this tutorial, I used an H 5.00mm hook.
-"Broomstick." Now it's probably not super convenient to use a bro…

Yarn Review: I Love This Yarn

Happy Monday! This week I'm reviewing Hobby Lobby's I Love This Yarn.

Stats - I Love This Yarn (ILTY) is a 100% acrylic worsted weight (4) yarn. It comes in skeins of 252 yards (variegated) or 355 yards (solids).

Price & Availability - 3/5
The price for one skein of ILTY is $3.99, which is somewhat reasonable for a yarn of this quality. Where ILTY loses points is in availability. It can only be bought in Hobby Lobby stores or from their website. Another problem is that Hobby Lobby rarely has great sales or coupons for yarn.

Softness & Drape - 4/5
ILTY is probably the softest acrylic yarn I've ever worked with. It's great for blankets, garments, and kids' toys. It has good drape and is also stretchy.

Look & Colors - 5/5
ILTY comes in many solid colors, and it also comes in many multi varieties including neons, stonewash, prints, stripes, and more! It's hard to beat ILTY in color selection. It also comes in a sport weight version!

User Friendliness - …

Arabesque Fringe Purse - Free Pattern

I have another new pattern for you! This is my Arabesque Fringe Purse. It uses Bernat Maker Home Dec yarn. If you're not a fan of fringe, this bag is a great blank canvas for your favorite embellishments! Get the downloadable/printer friendly version here: Ravelry Link.

Arabesque Fringe Purse

- 2 colors bulky yarn (Suggested yarn: Bernat Maker Home Dec)
- J Hook
- Scissors
- Tapestry needle
- Zipper or other closing hardware of choice (OPTIONAL)

- Chain 1 at the beginning of the round does not count as a stitch.
- Join each round with a slip stitch to the first stitch of the round.
- Stitch counts are indicated in parenthesis.
- When making the strap, ch 1 and turn at the beginning of each row.
- Gauge:1” = approx. 3.5 stitches and 4 rows. Bag measures about 8” x 8.5” when laying flat. Gauge is not crucial to this project.

Stitches & Abbreviations:
Ch – Chain
Sc – Single Crochet
Sc dec – Single crochet decrease
Hdc – Half double crochet
St – Stitch
Sl st – Slip sti…

Scrubby Stripes Cloth - Free Pattern

Are you looking for a crocheted cloth with a little extra scrubbing power? Look no further! This wash cloth is the perfect mix of cotton and Red Heart Scrubby! Use it to clean your dishes, or even for exfoliating! Get the downloadable & printer friendly versions here: Ravelry Link

Scrubby Stripes Cloth

- Red Heart Scrubby yarn (less than 1 ball)
- Any medium weight cotton yarn (less than 1 ball)
- I hook (5.5mm)
- Scissors
- Tapestry needle
- Ch 1 at the beginning of a row does not count as a stitch.
- Turn your work after each row. You can also carry your yarn up the side of your work or cut and rejoin for each color change.
- The round immediately after the scrubby rounds can be worked between the scrubby stitches rather than into them. I did mine this way to make it easier to work the stitches. It’s a personal preference and should not noticeably affect the look or size of your piece. Be sure to count your stitches to make sure you don’t lose any!
- Stitch counts ar…

Yarn Review: Red Heart Scrubby

Happy Monday! This week I'm reviewing Red Heart Scrubby yarn.
Stats -
Red Heart Scrubby is a medium (4) yarn with a slightly rough, "scrubby" texture. It is 100% polyester and comes in balls of 92 yards (solids) or 78 yards (prints).

Price & Availability - 4/5
One ball of Scrubby ranges from as low as $3.98 at Walmart to $5.49 at the Red Heart website, so it can be a little expensive if you don't shop around. That being said, it is pretty widely available both in stores and online. That price can still seem expensive for a small amount, but it's unlikely you will want to use it for large projects; it's perfect for dishcloths and, well... scrubbies! 😃

Softness & Drape - N/A
I'm skipping the rating for this category. Scrubby is a textured yarn that is meant to be a little rough for cleaning and exfoliating, therefore it isn't very soft and doesn't have much drape. So it's perfect for its intended use!

Look & Colors - 5/5
Scrubby has a n…

Slouchy Stripes Backpack - Free Pattern

Hello again! A couple days ago I posted a photo of a backpack I made using Bernat Maker Home Dec yarn. I was overwhelmed by the positive responses I got, so I've decided to post the pattern for free! I am also listing a pdf, including a printer-friendly version, for sale here: Ravelry Listing

I can't wait to see what you all make with this pattern! I hope you enjoy it!

Slouchy Stripes BackpackMaterials:
- K Hook
- N Hook (Or hook of similar size for making a large chain)
- Bulky yarn in 2 colors (or more!) (Suggested yarn: Bernat Maker Home Dec, <2 skeins)
- Scissors
- Tapestry needle
- Buttons or beads (Optional, for drawstring)
- Chain 1 at the beginning of round never counts as a stitch.
- Join each round with a slip stitch to the first single crochet of the round. After round 41, work in rows, turning after each row.
- Stitch counts are indicated in parentheses.
- Colors shown are color A (gray) and color B (teal). Feel free to substitute with as many colors as you…

Yarn Review: Bernat Maker Home Dec

Hello readers! I've been meaning to start writing yarn reviews for some time now, and I'm finally getting around to it! I'll give you the stats on each yarn, and cover 5 categories. Each category will get a rating out of 5, and at the end, I'll give an overall rating out of 10.

All opinions are my own, and I am definitely not paid to say anything about any of the yarns I review. Let's get started!

Stats -
This time I'm talking about Bernat's Maker Home Dec. This is a bulky (5) yarn. It comes in balls of 317 yards (8.8 oz). It's a blend of 72% cotton, 28% nylon.

Price & Availability - 4/5
One 317 yard ball of Home Dec is $9.99. That is fairly expensive, but the quality makes it worth it. Plus, it's available at most of the big box retailers including Walmart, Joann, Michael's, and online at Yarnspirations and Amazon.

Softness & Drape - 4/5
Home Dec is very soft! It has the feel of T-shirt yarn, but its tubular shape feels even nicer and ther…