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Pizza-rollies: A Great Recipe for Picky Eaters!

Hi everyone! Today I'd like to share a recipe with you. As a family of picky eaters, we eat a LOT of pizza and we needed to change it up. So, I tried this, and now it's our favorite way to eat pizza. Think of pizza, but in cinnamon roll form! I also love that this recipe is highly customizable, so it's easy to please everyone. It's also great for kids!

Here's what you'll need:

-Cooking spray
-Refrigerated pizza crust (I've found that Pillsbury Classic Pizza Crust works best!)
-Pizza sauce of your choice (I like Ragu)
-2 cups (Or more!) shredded cheese (Walmart has a great pizza blend of cheddar and mozzarella. You can use any cheese you like!)
-Pepperoni, bacon bits, or any other toppings you like! 

-Baking sheet
-A sharp knife
-Brush or spoon (for spreading your sauce)
-A rolling pin (Or a bottle of wine!)

Instructions: Let's get started!

1. Preheat your oven to the temperature on the package. (For Pillsbury, that'll be 425F) Spray your baking sheet with cooking spray and roll out your dough. Not too thin! You don't want it to rip when you roll it up.
That's about right!

2. Use your brush or spoon to spread the pizza sauce. You can use as much or as little as you like, but I prefer to go very light on the sauce. Next, add your cheese. I use the whole 2 cup bag, but you can use more or less!

3. Finally, add your toppings! We like pepperoni and bacon bits, but you can make it your own!

4. Once you're done topping your pizza, it's time to roll it up! Start on one side and roll lengthwise, or "hot dog style". Remember to roll it tight so your rolls won't fall apart! When it's all rolled up, pinch the seam so it stays together.

5. Now, we need to cut it into rolls. I try to cut it into about 9 or 10 rolls. You can cut them as thick as you like, but remember that if you cut them too thin, they might fall apart.

6. Finally, let's get them into the oven! Space them on your sheet about 2 inches apart. It's okay if you don't have room, but your rolls might be a little stuck together (That counts as one, right?!).

With Pillsbury dough, bake them for 13 minutes on the middle rack, then I like finish them on the bottom rack for about another minute or two because I like them crispy. If you use another dough, just follow the directions for the minimum time and keep and eye on them if it's your first try. 

And there you go! Yummy pizza goodness!

Now, time to make your own! What do you like on your pizza?