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Scrubby Stripes Cloth - Free Pattern

Are you looking for a crocheted cloth with a little extra scrubbing power? Look no further! This wash cloth is the perfect mix of cotton and Red Heart Scrubby! Use it to clean your dishes, or even for exfoliating! Get the downloadable & printer friendly versions here: Ravelry Link

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Scrubby Stripes Cloth

- Red Heart Scrubby yarn (less than 1 ball)
- Any medium weight cotton yarn (less than 1 ball)
- I hook (5.5mm)
- Scissors
- Tapestry needle

- Ch 1 at the beginning of a row does not count as a stitch.
- Turn your work after each row. You can also carry your yarn up the side of your work or cut and rejoin for each color change.
- The round immediately after the scrubby rounds can be worked between the scrubby stitches rather than into them. I did mine this way to make it easier to work the stitches. It’s a personal preference and should not noticeably affect the look or size of your piece. Be sure to count your stitches to make sure you don’t lose any!
- Stitch counts are noted in parenthesis.
- Gauge: 1” = approx. 3 rows & 3.5 stitches. Finished cloth is about 10” x 10”.
Stitches & Abbreviations:

Sc – Single crochet

Ch – Chain
Hdc – Half double crochet
Sl st – Slip Stitch

In cotton, ch 29.
1. Sc in second ch from hook and in each ch across. Turn. (28)
2. In Scrubby, Ch 1. Hdc in first st and in each st across. (28)
3. – 6. In cotton, ch 1. Sc in first st and in each st across. Turn. (28)
7. In Scrubby, ch 1. Hdc in first st and in each st across. (28)
Repeat rows 3-7 four more times. (You will have 6 stripes of Scrubby)
28. In cotton, ch 1. Sc in first st and in each st across.
29. Ch 1. Sc in first st and in each st across. Sc 3 in corner st. Sc evenly all the way around the piece, putting 3 sc in each corner. Join to first st of row 29 with sl st.
Cut yarn and weave in ends.

I look forward to seeing your projects on Ravelry and Instagram (#mandiethemommy). I hope you enjoyed this pattern!
Pattern and pictures property of Amanda Slate Designs. DO NOT copy, repost, redistribute, or claim as your own this pattern or any of the pictures. You have permission to sell any items you make using this pattern. Please link back to the Ravelry listing and credit Amanda Slate designs as the designer.