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Yarn Review: I Love This Yarn

Happy Monday! This week I'm reviewing Hobby Lobby's I Love This Yarn.
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I Love This Yarn in Mint Lace Stonewash

Stats - I Love This Yarn (ILTY) is a 100% acrylic worsted weight (4) yarn. It comes in skeins of 252 yards (variegated) or 355 yards (solids).

Price & Availability - 3/5
The price for one skein of ILTY is $3.99, which is somewhat reasonable for a yarn of this quality. Where ILTY loses points is in availability. It can only be bought in Hobby Lobby stores or from their website. Another problem is that Hobby Lobby rarely has great sales or coupons for yarn.

Softness & Drape - 4/5
ILTY is probably the softest acrylic yarn I've ever worked with. It's great for blankets, garments, and kids' toys. It has good drape and is also stretchy.

Look & Colors - 5/5
ILTY comes in many solid colors, and it also comes in many multi varieties including neons, stonewash, prints, stripes, and more! It's hard to beat ILTY in color selection. It also comes in a sport weight version!
ILTY in Painted Canyon Print - One of my favorites!

User Friendliness - 4/5
This yarn is very easy to work with. Its softness makes it easy on fingers and it has little to no splitting. It's machine washable, though I have found that it can pill over time (but there are ways to avoid or reverse pilling).

Overall Rating - 8/10
I am a fan of ILTY. Color selection is AMAZING and it's very, very soft. I use acrylic yarn for most of my projects, and ILTY is one of my go-tos. My main complaint is the limited availability. It's only available at Hobby Lobby, which is closed on Sundays and does not have great sales or coupons like other craft stores do. That being said, it's worth any hassle, especially if you're willing to spend a little more and have a Hobby Lobby close by.

A scarf I made using ILTY in Rosy Cheeks.
I hope you enjoyed this review! Do you love I Love This Yarn? Tell me about it in the comments! Get my tutorial for broomstick lace here: Broomstick Lace Tutorial
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