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Yarn Review: Red Heart Scrubby

Happy Monday! This week I'm reviewing Red Heart Scrubby yarn.
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Scrubby in "Ocean"
Stats -
Red Heart Scrubby is a medium (4) yarn with a slightly rough, "scrubby" texture. It is 100% polyester and comes in balls of 92 yards (solids) or 78 yards (prints).

Price & Availability - 4/5
One ball of Scrubby ranges from as low as $3.98 at Walmart to $5.49 at the Red Heart website, so it can be a little expensive if you don't shop around. That being said, it is pretty widely available both in stores and online. That price can still seem expensive for a small amount, but it's unlikely you will want to use it for large projects; it's perfect for dishcloths and, well... scrubbies! 😃

Softness & Drape - N/A
I'm skipping the rating for this category. Scrubby is a textured yarn that is meant to be a little rough for cleaning and exfoliating, therefore it isn't very soft and doesn't have much drape. So it's perfect for its intended use!

Look & Colors - 5/5
Scrubby has a neat look since it's texture - very similar to fun-fur yarn. It also come in 27 colors (including solids and prints), plus a sparkly variety with 12 more colors! Lots of options!
Scrubby in "Jelly"

User Friendliness - 2/5
This is where Scrubby falls a little short. As far as being difficult to use, I would rank it just slightly above furry yarns. It is thinner than other furry yarns, but stitches are still pretty difficult to see. I've found that it helps to work in between the stitches when using Scrubby, rather than into the stitches themselves. It is machine washable though, so it does get points for that!

Overall Rating - 6/10
I do like Red Heart Scrubby. I think the texture is really cool and is really useful for making many household items. It is a little difficult to work with, and a little expensive for the yardage, but still a great option for washcloths and similar projects.

Get the pattern for the Scrubby Stripes Cloth here: FREE Pattern

Is there a yarn you'd like me to review? Do you love Scrubby, or hate it? Let me know in the comments!