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Yarn Review: Bernat Pop!

Happy Monday! This week I'm review Bernat Pop! It's one of the 4 brands of self-striping "cakes" that are really popular right now!

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Bernat Pop! in "Paisley Pop."

Stats - 
Bernat Pop! is a 100% acrylic, 4-medium weight yarn. It comes in "cakes" of 280 yards.

Price & Availability - 3/5
Pop is sold at Walmart and online at Yarnspirations. Regular price for a Pop cake is $5.99. I would say this price is okay. It's cheaper than Caron Cakes, but it also comes in smaller skeins.

Softness & Drape - 4/5
Pop has decent softness for an acrylic yarn. I've found that it seems a little thicker than other medium weight yarns, which means the drape is not the best. It's good for more durable, solid projects, but I don't recommend it for lighter, openwork projects.

Look & Colors - 4/5
Like Caron Cakes and other similar cakes, Pop is self-striping. Each colorway has 5 shades, and it comes in 12 colorways.
Bernat Pop! in "Ebony and Ivory." I'm going back to get more of this colorway! Swoon!

User Friendliness - 5/5
Bernat Pop is easy to work with. I experienced no splitting, and it's soft on the fingers. Machine wash and dry is always a plus, too!

Overall Rating - 8/10
Overall, Bernat Pop is a good yarn. The price is okay, and the colors are nice. The yarn is soft and easy to work with. It's a good option, especially if you can't use wool. If you can use wool though, I personally prefer Caron Cakes.

Comparable Brands - 
Caron Cakes, Lion Brand Mandala, Premier Sweet Roll.

A vest I made using Bernat Pop! in "Gold Rush River."
Pattern by The Lavender Chair.

What do you think? Do you like Bernat Pop? What yarn should I try next? Let me know in the comments!


  1. It's interesting that you say this yarn is easy to work with. I loved the softness of it in the finished scarf (cashmere-like but fluffy). But I found working with it extremely frustrating because it's SO smooth and frictionless that I had a dickens of a time keeping the tension tight enough -- the yarn kept slipping through my feed-hand fingers! (I knit American style, perhaps if I could do European it would be better). Am I missing something?

    1. Hi there! I know the problem you are talking about, I've had it with other yarns like Simply Soft and Red Heart Soft. I didn't notice it with this yarn, but I was crocheting with it, not knitting, so maybe that's what made the difference? I'm sorry it was frustrating to you but I'm glad you stuck with it and made something great. :)


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