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Yarn Review: Premier Sweet Roll

Happy Monday! Sorry I've been away for a bit; I took some time off to visit my family for Mother's Day. This week I'm back with a review of Premier Sweet Roll.
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Premier Sweet Roll in "Root Beer."

Sweet Roll is a 100% acrylic, medium (4) weight yarn, made by Premier Yarns. It comes in cakes of 245 yards.

Price & Availability: 3/5
A cake of Sweet Roll yarn goes for about $4.99 - $5.99 regular price, depending on the retailer, which is an okay price. The value of cost per yard is similar to that of Bernat Pop, and although it is cheaper than Caron Cakes, it also has fewer yards. Sweet Roll can be found at Joann or on the Premier Yarn website. It does occasionally go on sale at Joann, sometimes up to $2 off per ball!

Softness & Drape: 3/5
Sweet Roll feels like your average acrylic yarn: decent softness. Comparing to Bernat Pop (because they are quite similar!), I would say that Sweet Roll is not quite as soft, but it is by no means rough or scratchy! The drape is also average for an acrylic yarn.

Look & Colors: 4/5
Sweet Roll comes in 25 colorways, each with 3 colors per ball. It is a self striping yarn with quick color changes, and two full color repeats per ball. There is also some speckling throughout the stripes, which makes working it up exciting and helps to tie the color scheme together. Not all of the colorways are visually pleasing, but there are quite a few very pretty ones!
Premier Sweet Roll in "Birthday."

User Friendliness: 5/5
Sweet Roll can be machine washed and dryed - Hooray! I also experienced no splitting while working with it. It works up very easily.

Overall Rating: 7/10
Premier Sweet Roll is a good yarn to work with. The value is not bad, and if you catch a sale or a good coupon you can get even more bang for your buck. There are many colorway options, although unlike similar brands each cake only has three colors. When comparing to other self-striping cakes, it would not necessarily be my first choice, however some of the colorways are just too pretty to pass up!

Comparable Brands: Bernat Pop!

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What do you think of Sweet Roll? What's your favorite in the new self-striping cake craze? Let me know in the comments!