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Yarn Review: Lion Brand Mandala

Long time, no post! Sorry that I've been away. I'm currently visiting family in Indiana. I've finally got another review for you. This time it's another of the popular cake yarns: Lion Brand Mandala.
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Lion Brand Mandala in "Genie"

Mandala is a 100% acrylic, light (3) weight yarn. It comes in cakes of 590 yards.

Price & Availability - 3/5
Mandala can be found from $4.97 to $7.99 per cake. It can be found at Walmart (for $4.97) and on the Lion Brand website. However, right now it is sold out on the website until at least January 2018! Until then, check your local Walmart to see if you can pick some up, and at a cheaper price!

Softness & Drape - 5/5
Mandala is very soft for an acrylic yarn. Its light weight gives it an excellent drape for garments, setting it apart from other cake yarns.

Look & Colors - 5/5
Mandala is a self-striping yarn with 16 colorways. Each colorway has several beautiful shades. The color changes are a bit slower than the abrupt color changes of Caron Cakes or Premier Sweet Roll. The colors have adorable mythical names like "Unicorn" and "Chimera."
Lion Brand Mandala in "Pegasus"

User Friendliness - 5/5
Soft and easy to work with, Mandala has no splitting and is easy on the fingers. Plus, it's machine washable!

Overall Rating - 9/10
Mandala has fantastic yardage, and can be found for a reasonable price. The availability is currently limited to Walmart, but hopefully Lion Brand will respond to the demand with proper supply when it restocks. It's a very soft and beautifully colored yarn with a pleasant striping effect. Its draping makes it a great material for garments, and its light weight sets it apart from other popular cake yarns. Overall, I LOVE this yarn and can't wait to pick up some more!

Here's a project I recently finished in Mandala "Pegasus." This lovely pattern is the "Lailah" Poncho Sweater pattern by DeniMade and I highly recommend it! Find it on Ravelry here: Ravelry Link

Have you been lucky enough to find any Mandala yarn? What do you think of it? What yarn would you like me to review next? Let me know in the comments!


  1. I made a "Honey Triangle Scarf" with Mandala Chimera and I was surprised at how beautifully it worked up. Very soft with a lovely drape.


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