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Yarn Review: Red Heart Super Saver

Good morning everyone! Today I'm reviewing a yarn that is a staple in many fiber artists' work. You either love it or hate it: Red Heart Super Saver.
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Red Heart Super Saver in "Pretty 'N Pink"
Stats - 
Red Heart Super Saver is a medium (4) weight, 100% acrylic yarn. It comes in skeins of 364 yards for solids, 236 yards for prints, 482 yards for ombre, and 482-744 for jumbo skeins.

Price & Availability - 5/5
Super Saver can be found in many stores, including Walmart and most big box yarn stores, and in several places online, from Amazon to the Red Heart website. For regular 364 yard skeins, prices range from $2.88 at Walmart all the way up to $4.49 at Red Heart. For everyday value, Walmart is probably the best place to buy, but they may not carry all the colorways and varieties.

Softness & Drape - 2/5
RHSS is notorious for sometimes being rough and scratchy. Some colorways are rougher and stiffer than others, and some are fine. Variegated colorways tend to be softer than the solids. Super Saver does soften over time and after a few washes, and there are supposed methods to soften it even more by soaking in conditioner.  It doesn't have great drape, but it's a sturdy yarn for projects that need to be durable and stand up to many washings.

Look & Colors - 5/5
RHSS comes in over 120 colors, which makes it easy to find just the right color you need. It comes in solids, camos, prints, accent colors, and now stripes and ombre. The colors are bright and hold up well to washing. There are no dye lots so matching colors isn't a problem.
Red Heart Super Saver in "Watercolor"
User Friendliness - 3/5
Super Saver can sometimes be rough on the fingers, but working with it I've found little to no splitting. It is machine wash and dry.

Overall Rating - 7/10
Red Heart Super Saver is a good yarn, especially if you live in an area with limited selection. It comes in so many shades and varieties that you're bound to find something that you like. It is not a very soft yarn, although it can be softened with extra effort. It's easily washed and dried, but not always the most pleasant yarn to work with. Possibly the best thing besides the selection is the price. RHSS is a decent value for an affordable price.

Comparable Brands - 
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A Godzilla-inspired hat I made using RHSS
I hope you enjoyed this review! So, do you love or hate Red Heart Super Saver? What do you make with it? Let me know in the comments!