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5 Easy Tips To Boost Productivity

5 Easy Tips to Boost Productivity

Do you ever feel like there's just not enough hours in the day? Or like you're searching for the motivation and focus to get things done, but just can't find it? Don't worry, it happens to me all the time! So today I'm sharing with you some of my favorite tips to help you stay motivated and on-task.

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1. Make your bed!

I know, this seems silly and way too easy. But seriously, accomplishing the first task of the day right away will give you just a little boost to move on to the next task.  Your room will look neater, and having a clean, positive environment is important for productivity. Plus you'll have a nice, made bed to sleep in at the end of a long day!

2. Do your most dreaded task first.
What thing do you hate doing? Get it out of the way as quickly as possible! (After you make your bed, of course) Not only will you be proud of yourself and feel accomplished, but you won't have that awful feeling of dread hanging over your head all day.

3. Make a to-do list.
There is something incredibly therapeutic and inspiring about checking items off of a list. I try to make a list at the start of the day, before I even get out of bed. Of course, pen and paper works great, and some people like seeing their list up on a dry-erase board, but I like to keep mine on my phone so it's always with me. I use this great (completely free!) app called Memorix. With it, you can make lists, take notes, and color code your different pages. For example, I use purple for my blog, blue for crochet, and pink for general lists.

4. Build a command center.

This one is great for families. You can use a calendar, or a dry-erase board, or whatever helps you stay organized. We use a calendar and a dry-erase weekly agenda, and both are hung up where everyone can see them. Shutterfly is fantastic for custom calendars (You can add you own photos and special dates!) and dry erase boards start at under $10 at Walmart. When upcoming events, deadlines, and announcements are posted for everyone to see, it's easy to keep up with everything from doctor appointments to meal plans.

5. Make time for what you *want* to do.

Plan an hour or so at the end of the day to do whatever you want... or nothing at all! This way, you can tell yourself throughout the day "I will get me time today, but first I need to finish this." Always make time for yourself to unwind or have fun so you don't get burnt out!

Bonus Tip!
Cardio. I know, I know, you're really busy. But if you can spare even 15 minutes a day to really get your blood pumping, those every day physical tasks won't seem so daunting. Carry in 30 bags of groceries? No problem. Lug your infant carrier up 3 flights of stairs? Bring it on. Plus, you'll sleep better!
I personally love Zumba, and I've been working out to videos by Dance Fitness with Jessica on YouTube. Check her out, she's fantastic: Dance Fitness with Jessica

What are your favorite ways to stay organized or motivated? Please share them in the comments!


  1. These are some great tips, and I feel they're really easy to implement too. I always make my bed first thing in the morning and I agree, it makes the whole room look neater and I feel boosted right away.

    Thanks for sharing

  2. I make my bed every morning and it does make a difference. Good list.

  3. Your Post is very useful productivity tips, I am truly happy to post my note on this blog . It helped me with ocean of awareness so I really consider you will do much better in the future.


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