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Emily's Blanket (FREE Crochet Pattern)

Did you have a beloved blanket when you were little? All 3 of my younger siblings carried a crocheted baby blanket with them everywhere they went. Recently, my youngest sister lost her blankie, and I was asked to make a replacement. Without the blanket to pull inspiration from, I had to use my imagination and come up with something new. That's how Emily's Blanket came to be. Here's my pattern for this cute, simple baby blanket that looks great in any color.

Click here to buy an ad-free PDF version. 

Emily's Blanket Materials:
- H (5mm) Hook
- Medium weight yarn (Approximately 500+ yards, depending on desired size)
- Scissors & tapestry needle
-This pattern is worked in rows with a chain 3 at the beginning of each row.
- Gauge is not important.
- The examples for this blanket are baby-sized (approx. 30 x 30”) but this pattern can be used to make a blanket of any size.
- To make a larger or smaller blanket the beginning chain can be altered. Use a multiple of 3 c…